A Parade In The Jungle

A parade of humans on the path soon come into view. They are carrying strange looking boxes. The sounds of friendly voices and laughter encourages the animals to creep out of their hiding places. “Let’s send the birds to fly above the people and determine if it is safe for us to appear” yelled the monkey. The birds flew away to carry out the mission.

Jack Jack Starts His New Adventure

An eerie quietness seeps through the jungle. The twittering of birds cease. What is happening, Jack Jack wonders. “Why are the others a bit jumpy” he asks his monkey pal. Frogs hide among the lily pads and a wary leopard looks around.  Parrots  cry out from the treetops “Someone is coming.”  Strange sounds waft through the dense forest.  Maybe a monster is coming!  The tiger tells his friends, “let’s get out of here.”    Stay Tuned.


A rumbling noise was heard in the distance. The jungle floor started to tremble. Could that be an earthquake? The sky is a brilliant blue without any rain clouds. That can’t be thunder. Human voices waft down the path. Are they friends or foe?